A row of semiprecious stone pendants from Mexico's mines with garnet, peridot, labradorite and gold-plated ironworks adorn the necklace. With 22K gold plated chain. Handmade by Mexican artisan Patricia Guzman. Gold-plated earrings echo the necklace with the same garnet pendant, peridot and gold-plated ironworks. Made in Mexico......................................................

D E T A I L S: - ● Necklace: 43 cm L. - ● Pendant: 2 cm L x 1.1 cm 2 (each) - ● Earrings: 3.9 cm L x 1.2 cm 2 - 22K gold-plated chain - ● Lobster clamp brooch - ● Made in Mexico ........


M A T E R I A L S: ● Necklace: 22K gold-plated chain - ● Pendant: garnet, peridot, labradorite and gold-plated ironworks - ● Earrings: garnet, peridot and gold-plated ironworks.


@atellierorganic.joyasde_autor jewelry!, a mother daughter team based in Mexico, handcraft, handmade, with ecological process, each unique piece of jewelry is made with local semiprecious materials. International Certificate by "Women Owned" (USA), Nest (London), CO (London), Artisan Alliance (Switzerland) . ECO FRIENDLY FAIR TRADE JEWELRY

Garnet, Peridot and Labradorite. Handmade jewelry

SKU: 7A-DY5K-V465

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